Evolution Youth Services not only provided the Jiu Jitsu training for the physical activity, but therapy through the process to allow for trauma and mental health support.

John Perez, Denver Public Safety Youth Programs

I have been impressed with the high level of communication, commitment, and dedication Mr. Stokes has provided to the at-risk youth I referred to his program. He provides a constant adult role model in their life and provides the structure, support, and discipline necessary to aid at-risk youth to be successful.

Chad Clark, Senior Probation Officer, Denver County Court Probation


My daughter is one of Dave Stokes’ students and in the past few months and I can see the difference therapeutic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has made in my daughter. Last school year she had many fights. But going to Jiu jitsu and the therapeutic standpoint has made a difference. She used to not be able to control herself or walk away when somebody said something to her. Since starting, I have seen her walk away from situations she wouldn’t have been able to in the past. Dave teaches with a kindness and strength that is hard to find.

Catherine G., student’s mother

I am writing in support of Dave Stokes and his Jiu Jitsu program with Evolution Youth Services.  Having the honor of working with Dave for over two years, I have come to observe his dedication and commitment to creating opportunities for students who are otherwise lost or going down a detrimental path.  His program has provided exceptional services to many Grant Beacon students, and I cannot imagine not having Evolution Youth Services as an option for them in the future. 

Annie Vassallo, Dean of Students, Grant Beacon Middle School